The mind swiftly sparks opinions

Ever so harsh

Completely unnecessary 

Dissatisfaction and jealousy forge incessant judgments

With this mind-set

Nothing good can be created

Hence, why do we judge?

Why do we point the sword towards others?

Inner conflicts avoidance

Yes, perhaps

Narrow-minded refusing to evolve

Yes, it could be

Judgment is a “gift” no-one wishes to receive

Judgment is a cage of old poor habits

As a first step to a worthy intention 

Your life aspiration

Each time you catch yourself judging 


Today I shall not judge nothing and anyone.

A moment of stillness 

In a secluded place

The worries that keep you awake at night

Lay to rest

And discernment begin

Call to mind what smells of roses


A friend who always makes you smile

The stranger who offered to help

A partner who encouraged you to dream

Your strength to fight for you

A beautiful painting you would go into

The achievement you are so proud of

As a second step to your worthy intention

Your life aspiration 

Find the one or more things you are most grateful for


Today I will have gratitude. 

Bony hands crawling out of dusty coffins

Of your sweet warm blood they come to feed

Razor sharp teeth easily piercing through your skin

Drinking from you for as long as they need

The kindness of your heart cannot say no

You run to them every time they call

And pick them up each time they fall 

Day or night

Never mind 

You are solely exploited for their survival

As a third step to your worthy intention

Your life aspiration 


Today I swear an oath to walk away 

From who and whatever leaves me lifeless.

If you owned a house

And a treasure was buried in your backyard 

Would you ignore it


Commence to dig?

If you knew 

This treasure could change your whole life

Would the absence of a shovel discourage you


Would you unearth the treasure with your bare hands?

Gemstones are fruitless if left dormant in their grave


So are your talent and personal qualities

These are there

In you

Buried under piles of unconfident soil

All you must do is find them

Without a doubt

They are waiting to be brought to light

As a fourth step to your worthy intention

Your life aspiration 


Today I commit to write what my heart dictates

My list 

Of my fine qualities and talent.

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Making mistakes is part of life and that is how we learn and grow. At times, we take risks in the name of love, we hope to change our lovers bad ways, we give endless chances, but it never pays off. Not to mention our lovers fetish fantasies that made us go‘Yack!’ Or maybe not. Some of the secrets we hold are too shameful to share, although back then it surely was exciting to try something unconventional and new, until reality knocks hard on our door. Then we truly see the danger we are in. Nevertheless, after surviving the most challenging phase of our lives, YES we have the strengths and abilities to reclaim our essences back and most importantly to be the Alchemists of our lives.

I am Ambra Celeste and I am passionate about writing blogs 

aiming to inspire readers and to encourage them to take actions.

 Some of my blogs are influenced by my trying journey and my 

dangerous romance

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I have no doubt that many lived/live similar experiences in life and this is the reason behind my diary Be Careful What You Wish For which is to fuel the courage to renew your life, free yourself and be the amazing person you truly deserve to be. 

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About Me

Ambra Celeste is a freelance writer who was born in Italy and moved to London at the age of twenty-one. It was there, that after living through remarkable experiences, she drew the inspiration for her diary. An intriguing, controversial and inspiring true story of an Italian native who embarked a journey that led to a life of secrets. 

Ambra Celeste wrote 'Be Careful What You Wish For' whilst studying for her degree in Accounting and Finance.


Life can grant us the most unusual wish. Ambra set of to London looking for a chance to break free and follow her heart true desires. Little she knew that her inexperience in life and her bizarre desires were going to be an unwise combination that would have forced her to keep everything a secret...

Enchanted by charming words and promises as sweet as honey. A new lover and emotions never experienced before, but who is really this person Ambra is letting into her life? Granted fantasies, illegal seduction, false pretences and a delusory motive. Will it be an unforgivable crime? After been kept captive by those who she trusted and loved, how will Ambra deal with her secret life?